Fun Time Nursery Rhymes

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Fun Time Nursery Rhymes - Personalized Kids

Personalized Nursery Rhymes, a fun-filled collection of the classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme songs! This personalized CD is enhanced with music and a storyteller that will speak directly to your child throughout the entire CD. These happy, funny renditions feature the child's name 36 times, and will have you giggling along!

Song List

Imaginary Fun
12345 & 1 Little 2 Little
Hey Diddle, Diddle & 3 Blind Mice
Little Pig & London Bridge
Mary Had a Little Lamb & Baa Baa Black Sheep
Little Bo Peep & Little Boy Blue
Rub a Dub Dub & Patty Cake
Hickory, Dickory Dock & Farmer in the Dell
Humpty Dumpty & Pease Porridge
Diddle Dumpling & Mulberry Bush
Mother Hubbard & Pop Goes the Weasel
Muffin Man
House that Jack Built

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