Digital Downloadable Products


Your MP3 audio tracks will be downloaded in ONE ZIP FILE PER TITLE, which is then “unzipped or extracted” to your computer for further use or transfer. When downloading, please be sure to note the DOWNLOAD location/folder so you may easily find the file once it’s on your computer!

*These are ONE TIME USED codes and cannot be redeemed a second time.

Please thoroughly review the instructions below:

1). Go to our download site at:

2). Enter your unique redemption code or codes below EXACTLY as they appear in your email.

**These are ONE-TIME-USE codes, once redeemed, they cannot be used again. Please note that ONLY ONE CODE may be redeemed at a time. Multiple codes, you will go through this entire process per code**

3). Enter this email address exactly: (codes only work with this email address).

4). Download the content.

We recommend downloading and unzipping files using a computer!
There is no native support for ZIP files on iPads, iPhones, other smartphones or tablet devices (Android or Windows Mobile)

If you wish to download using your mobile device, you will need a FREE 3rd party utility like WinZip ( click here for iOS and Android ) to unzip the downloaded file and extract the MP3s. *Also please note that there may be a name or two which might show in iTunes without all the MP3 “metadata” information…however the tracks are all there.