Sea Animal Adventures

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The Totally Customized CD that can sing ANY NAME

Our personalized Sea Animal CD with FREE SHIPPING is a collection of original, upbeat songs about sea animals like dolphins, penguins and sea turtles. Imagine galloping with a seahorse along the ocean plains, flying with seagulls along a sandy beach, swimming along side a manatee, attending a penguin rally, or playing with a baby blue whale. This album of personalized songs about sea animals will encourage children to use their imagination; and it will also bring out the child in adults. Note: The final song is a slow down song and does not sing the child's name. It sings the turtle's name, Caretta.

1. Sea Horse

2. Mr. Fiddler Crab

3. You and Me and a Manatee

4. Danny the Dancing Dolphin

5. Penguin Rally

6. Bella the Baby Blue Whale

7. Seagulls

8. Caretta, Caretta

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